De'lisia James


De'lisia James Is a singer/songwriter/Poet/musician

who began her musical career when she

was 4 years old in the youth choir the Sunshine Band in

her hometown Henderson TX at Union Valley True

Gospel Pentecost. She Continued her love for music

Singing and playing in the band through out primary

school and into secondary school. De'lisia

began writing poetry for God and began performing at

different events, contest and youth serves which turned

into a combination of poetry and songs which lead her

into the ministry field of preaching the Gospel of Christ

where she was ordained Pastor / Prophet under Apostle

Zolisha L Ware of Fearless Transformation Center. Her

devoted husband, Apostle George James is very

supportive of her music ministry and spreading the

Gospel. God is the true source of her music and abilities

that gives him all the Credit.